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Driving piles of any diameter

Versatile utility solutions for modern city infrastructure

Optimize your foundation construction with our solutions

Leverage the precision of our advanced computerized control system

Safe and precise support for overhead power lines, oil spill cleanup capabilities

Custom solutions for optimal solar panel setup, chemical and petroleum plants

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Suitable for all types of hydraulic excavators on tracks, wheels, and combined undercarriage

No additional installation equipment required

Real-time technical support

Operator training by our factory specialists

Pile drivers
Spare parts and service

Piling drills

Multi-tool leaders
Hydraulic hammers
MOVAX is a comprehensive solution for foundation construction
The world's most cost-effective equipment, significantly reducing both time and labor expenses.

  • Movax Oy focuses solely on solutions for the piling & foundation industry. The comprehensive range of excavator-mounted piling & foundation equipment and customized solutions cover a complete range of piling technologies - including both driven and bored piles

  • Versatility based on the MOVAX Modular System™ which enables the use of the same unit for a wide range of different piling requirements, piling work and type of piles.

  • The MOVAX Control System links the excavator with MOVAX’s piling equipment. The system controls the auxiliary hydraulics of the excavator and all the functions of MOVAX’s piling equipment. The control system is a vital - and integral - part of the MOVAX way-of-piling ensuring the highest possible production rates and quality of installation.
Sheet Piles for Digging Foundations
Modular System for Sheet & Timber Piles
Handling, Driving & Extracting H-beams
Pile Driving for Tubes Piles
Vibratory pile driving offers a cutting-edge solution for the installation or removal of piles, sheet piles, pipes, and foundational supports, widely recognized in the construction industry. Its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and suitability for urban environments and complex terrains stand out as its primary benefits.

Adopting an equipment rental model empowers developers to adapt swiftly to economic changes and client demands, ensuring equipment does not remain idle during unforeseen construction pauses. Only the usage period incurs costs, excluding fuel and the excavator's transportation to and from the site.

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Movax invented the world's first vibratory side-grip pile driver.
Founded: 1993
Clients: in more than 60 countries across 6 continents
Headquarters: Hämeenlinna, Finland
Manufacturing (6000 m2): Hämeenlinna, Finland

Movax inventions have resulted in numerous patents (50+) and its trademark, MOVAX®, is registered and well-known for the quality it represents all over the world.
All new equipment produced by our manufacturers comes with a 12-month warranty. Our service team is always available in Saudi Arabia.
We are closely cooperating with major logistics companies specializing in the delivery of our equipment across Saudi Arabia. We have aldeady delivered over 2000 units worldwide.
By investing in MOVAX, you:

  • Ensure the reliability of your equipment for many years to come.

  • Expand your company's capabilities.

  • Can undertake a broader range of construction projects.

  • Gain the ability to work faster than your competitors - securing more projects.

  • Can lease out your equipment - generating additional income.
Please contact us at rnd@machinist.fi if you have any questions or wish to participate.
Saudi Built

4 – 7 November 2024
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Come visit our stand at the Saudi Build 2024. The expo promises pre-planned opportunities to engage with key decision-makers in your desired sector. Aimed at connecting industry professionals, solution providers, and suppliers, Saudi Build 2024 is the perfect platform to showcase innovative solutions. This leading sector event will take place from November 4th to 7th, 2024, at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center. Join us to explore the latest trends and opportunities in the industry.

Big 5 Saudi Construct

26 - 29 February 2024
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
We are proud to announce our participation in the Big 5 Construct Saudi, the largest construction event in Saudi Arabia, holds from February 26th to 29th 2024. This significant event takes place in Riyadh, offering an unparalleled opportunity to showcase our latest innovations and connect with industry leaders. Join us in Riyadh for an insight into the future of construction!